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Medical Insurance

A medical insurance policy or hospital cash cover is one of the most crucial investments that need to be made in present times. Since healthcare expenses are rising at an exponential rate, it might become difficult for individuals to bear the expenditure of medical and health needs during an emergency. Moreover, the tendency of overlooking necessary healthcare guidelines have become a reality considering the busy lifestyle of today. Increasing levels of pollution, food contamination and escalating life stress in the 21st century have made health complications more frequent than before.

Medical emergencies can show up at any time. Immediate medical attention needs to be provided to the patient at such times. Not receiving proper medication and healthcare could aggravate the patient’s condition. Such delay could even turn out to be fatal.

The delay in providing necessary medical care to the patient might arise from the unavailability of proper medical services nearby. Another main reason which could come as an obstacle in facilitating healthcare for the patient is insufficient funds. A cashless Mediclaim with hospital cash cover comes as a saviour during such situations of health emergency.

Benefits under a cashless Mediclaim policy

While buying a hospital cash insurance policy, an individual must discuss in detail all the features, benefits, and conditions included in the plan. The exclusive benefits under a cashless Mediclaim policy or Hospital Cash Cover provided by Bajaj Finserv, are as follows-

  • A high coverage sum, which is sufficient to initiate the healthcare a patient needs. The insurance-holder is assured of a coverage sum up to Rs. 10,000. You can avail the necessary hospital services without having to pay cash at the premises.
  • Affordability is an essential factor in hospital cash insurance scheme. You can avail a maximum sum at minimum premium charges. For example, premium charges under the insurance plan start from Rs. 499 per month.
  • A patient can finance his day-to-day medical expenses with the daily cash allowance provided by the financier. An amount of Rs. 1000 is allotted to the policyholder for this purpose. This cash allowance can also be utilised to fund day-care treatment.

A hospital cash benefit insurance scheme keeps you prepared in advance to deal with medical or health emergencies. However, if you are looking for financial help to back treatment of a specific disease, you can buy a customised insurance plan such as meningitis insurance cover. These insurance policies brings several specific features that aid during the treatment of such ailments.

You can also buy hospital cash cover for the healthcare purpose of your close ones as well as dependent children. Every parent must invest in a child healthcare plan so that the health of their kid is not compromised at any cost. Moreover, to ensure a child’s safety, parents can even opt for a child personal accident cover.

The premium charges under hospital cash cover policy are also categorised as per age groups and their healthcare needs. The age-wise category of premium charges is provided below-

  • Rs. 499 for individuals aged between 18 and 40.
  • Rs. 549 for individuals aged between 41 and 50.
  • Rs. 799 in case of an individual between 50 and 60 years of age.

One of the most common hassles that people face at hospitals is paying the fees, deposits and completing the lengthy paperwork while admitting a patient. This can cause unnecessary delay and inconvenience to the family members, adding to their emotional stress. Having the chance of availing cashless medical services through the hospital cash cover comes as a privilege during these tense situations.


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