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Problems You May Face While Finding Your Company Name

Have you figured out a good name for your company yet? If yes, then you should see if you have not made the mistakes mentioned below. If no, even better, you’re on time. Here’s how to come up with a company name. The best time to reverse the damage is the time before causing it. Read a summarized account of how founders and co-founders suffer from poor brand reputation when they choose the wrong company name. Make yourself acquainted with these problems, and avoid committing them.

The opening wrong foot

Most owners and entrepreneurs don’t understand what they are doing wrong. Frankly, they close their eyes, completely avoiding their mistakes. Here’s a list of a generalized behavior that leads them into committing naming blunders.

  • “We are stranded.” 

That’s what most entrepreneurs would say when someone asks them about their naming process. These good blokes seem to be stuck in the brainstorming process for months, at the end of which, they omit an inefficient name.

  • Self Supremacy 

Confidence is good, overconfidence is not. When you, as an entrepreneur think yourself as a mildly creative person and think that you can just come up with a company name whenever you want, then you are wrong. A good name cannot be coined without proper research, branding strategy, brand story, SEO planning, and much more.

  • Not investing enough time.

Entrepreneurs who fail at delivering a good brand reputation to their company often have the thought of deprioritizing in common. They all think that their company has stuff that needs more of their time. They confine brainstorming and discussing names to just an hour or so, costing themselves their brand reputation and sales.  

  • Adjusting.

Most naming mistakes followed by rebranding are backed by a general idea of settling for less when you are not willing to get more. Lazy founders think that there is an immense deficit of good names, and then adjust with whichever first name they become acquainted with.  

Naming mistakes entrepreneurs make

After assessing a set of generalized and marginalized behavior that results in names that are null and void, it’s time to see what are the actual mistakes made by entrepreneurs

To get your company a good name, analyze their mistakes, and try not to repeat them.

  • Company name = Domain name.

Almost everybody reading this post thinks that their domain name ought to be the same as their company name, and thus, either they change a very good company name, or pay/wait too long for a good domain name. But this is not at all necessary. Brand reputation grows on a good company name, backed with exceptional service. When you have these two in place, you need not worry about your domain name, just make sure it’s at least 50% relevant.  

  • The mystery man (or woman).

Often, entrepreneurs try to do back in the pocket or subtle punches with their audience. They want a name that forces the audience to think “what does this mean now?” This leaves the audience confused and irritated, not helping the company at all. 

Young entrepreneurs should avoid blindly following the naming trends in the market.  

  • Coining a clunky name that’s too millennial. 

Often when namers find out that almost all the relevant names that they could think of are under trademarks, they try to coin a new name, which is a good solution to the problem. But the problem here is – they have a good approach, but they don’t execute it properly. They try to be too funky, too millennial, or too trendy. That’s how they deliver a name that’s irrelevant to most of the audience and doesn’t carry much weight. 

  • Bad pronunciation. 

Another mistake that makes the wrong name is having a name that is so hard to pronounce, that once heard, a potential customer couldn’t figure out what to type in the search box. You don’t want your potential clients to go head over heels while trying to figure out which accent mark to use. 

  • Boxing themselves.

This is the most common mistake made by aspiring entrepreneurs. Most businesses start with a particular product/service, and they take up that niche and name their company with it. But when the company grows and adds more services to its catalog, the name doesn’t drive enough sales for the newest add-ons. So you should not choose a name that is too niche centered. 

  • Testing your clients’ English, rather ‘Slanglish’.

Someone names their company with a newly coined name that contains modern slang and other English words to make a completely new word. The problem with these names is that they are not pronounced naturally and people will keep asking you to spell the name. That becomes irritating for you as well as the clients. That’s why you should choose a name that spells what it sounds like. 

Now that you are acquainted with the problems that create a bad name, you should keep in mind what a good name sounds like while seeking help with company name that’s good enough to make your company into a brand.

A good name is: 

  • brandable and short. 
  • not niche centered. 
  • not the same as your domain name. 
  • not registered with any other company. 
  • 100% authentic.
  • easy to spell and write. 
  • memorable. 


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