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MRI scan is a huge notion these days due to advanced form of technology and radiology centres. The word MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It uses magnetic field and radio waves to get detailed result about our organs and tissues in the human body. After its invention doctors are trying their best to get more and more advancement in it using medical sciences to make revolutionary machines that serve mankind. It’s a non-invasive and painless procedure. In the full body scan the patient is laid on a table and is meant to be taken inside a long tube which scans the body. It is considered very different from CT scans and X-Rays as it does not potentially use any harmful radiation.

There is potential use of these scanners as to find out anomalies in brain and spinal cord, tumors , breast cancers in women, injuries and abnormalities in joints , certain types of heart problems , disease of liver and abdominal organs , suspected disease related to uterine in women etc. These scans generally take 20-60 minutes depending on the part of the body analysed and the number of images required.

Bangalore has been always in the news when it comes to MRI’s. Now even the first open standing MRI scanner has also been launched. These will help people a lot who are very claustrophobic while going into the scanner as it would loosen their anxiety. MRI in Bangalore is a well known verse always. People from different backgrounds and from different parts of the globe visit here to get their MRI’s done. Now there are n number of centres here who offer this service which are very high technology and well known with the process. This makes the market here more challenging to work with because this in alternate makes the atmosphere of competitiveness which in turn vows the centres to lower their prices and run offers. This sure market attracts a lot of well known huge international companies to invest in these ventures and open their branches in here. Companies who belong to other branches also are investing their economy in these because of the outgoing markets here.370

Bangalore is the hub for advancement in science and technology and it in turn affects the medical sciences in a good way. There are rigorous experiments and researches done in regard to this fact in Bangalore to bring more advancement in technology with this scanning process. Due to this concern towards this scan people prefer more to do their scanning processes in here then anywhere else. This provides a reliance and satisfaction while obtaining results as negligence shown while doing this process will lead to affecting body negatively. Even doctors prescribe according to those scanned images, so taking wrong medicines and treatments would never be a good sight.

So, Bangalore is considered to be one of the best places to do ones MRI’s as it offers it with the best possible quality and advanced features which brings in the best doctors and best possible tests together


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