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Appliance Maintenance

Food is one of the primary needs of the human race. It is the kitchen that makes a house a home.No matter whether it is east or west, rich country or poor country, every home becomes a real home when it has a well equipped and diligently maintained kitchen. It has been found out that kitchen appliances and kitchen arrangements have been important considerations of people from ancient civilizations. The appliances used in the kitchen can be your time and money manager. Proper care taken during the purchase and maintenance of the appliances can really matter when you consider their longevity and efficiency. 

In economic viewpoint also, you can leverage maximum advantage by considering the energy efficiency of the types of equipment used in your home. Unknowingly we follow myriads of methods for the maintenance of the appliances, but at the same time, many of us commit mistakes because of many myths, misunderstanding, and misinterpretations. These issues can be addressed with modest care while handling your appliances in the kitchen.

The common mistakes and myths in maintenance

The very common domestic devices such as a refrigerator, kitchen range, ovens, dishwashers, dryers, etc. can be kept functional for a long time if we know the following maintenance tips.

  • Let’s break the shackles of refrigerator myths

We store all our veggies and leftovers in the refrigerator and some of them remain in it for such a long time. Always take care of removing the unwanted things from out of your refrigerator from time to time, as they not only consume a lot of space but also will affect the efficiency of the refrigerator. The temperature indicator inside the fridge will help in adjusting the inside temperature according to the seasonal changes and doing that will be effective in energy consumption. One of the greatest misconceptions is that merely cleaning and maintaining the interior of the refrigerator will do the job for you. However, it is much more important to take care of the condenser and compressor of the refrigerator along with the interior. The coils of the condenser have to be cleaned up frequently for longer life. The voltage fluctuations may affect the functionality of the compressor and always equip your refrigerator with voltage regulating techniques and avoid the appliance repair.

  • The unknown dishwasher myths

Many of us do a simple prewash before loading the dishes to the washer. Never do that unless large foodstuffs are leftover in the dishes. Otherwise, the detergent used by the washer may cause aberrations on your serving dishes. The other important point to remember while loading is the way in which you are loading it. Try to keep your glasses, cups, plates, spatulas at the intended racks only for the best functioning. Also, don’t put the knives and a fine ceramic dish on the washer. Another very common mistake is the use of any of the detergents for your washer. According to the load, you can go for gels or powder tablets. Taking care of the disposals before loading the washer will help you out with clogging. Otherwise, the washer may not drain efficiently causing clogging problems. Finally when you are planning for a vacation don’t forget to turn off the dishwasher, otherwise, the hoses may get dry out or freeze up.

  • The oven- self-cleaning is not about everything

With the self-cleaning technique, you can’t maintain the vent filters of the oven. You have to remove the built-up grease and oil from the range time to time, the large spills should be wiped off before the clean cycle. The oven cavity must be cleaned after every use for longer functioning. No need to preheat the oven for every cooking; it depends on the stuff you are cooking.

  • The washing machine maintenance

The common myth followed while operating the washing machines is, for more dirt we use more detergents. This actually will adversely affect your washing process by the redeposition of soil onto the cloth. Because of the excessive use of powder and fabric softener, your drum’s functionality and drainage may get affected. The dryer lint should be cleaned after every wash otherwise it may lead to a dryer fire, burning your machine.

Take Away

We normally never think of the appliances until something goes wrong. It may invite appliance repair, leaving the loss of money and time. The total avoidance of appliances is not possible always, but with a little care towards some maintenance aspects will definitely help us. The long life of the home appliances depends on the handling methods up to an extent. Many of us are following so many myths regarding appliance safeguarding and cleaning techniques. But it is time to correct most of those myths. Know your equipment well. Seek the help of experts in the field. Do proper servicing time to time and enjoy the hassle-free, long life of your appliances.


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