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Fix Your Broken Washer

Sometimes, your washer goes through different problems and you would not know how to spot it. It is often confusing as to why it is behaving strangely even after you have been maintaining it well. You can always understand and spot that something is wrong when you know the symptoms. 

However, you are somehow not able to figure out which part has been damaged or broken or needs repair. Here are a few symptoms that can easily help you figure out what went wrong and when you need to call washer repair service provider. 

What are some symptoms that can easily lead to the fact that your washer is broken?

If at all you feel that there is something wrong with your washer, these are some symptoms that can lead you to the broken washer. Here are some of the common symptoms that can resonate with your problem

Washer making noise

If your washer is making noise, it might be because of the rattling sound of the pump motor. It could also because of other parts like the tub bearings or the belt of the washer. So, if your washer is making noise, then this is the reason. 

Leaking washing machine

If you find out that your washer is leaking while running, then the reason might be due to the pump wearing off or the door seals loosening. This could have caused the leak in the washing machine. Also, it is very easy to diagnose this issue because you will understand when the leak is caused. 

Agitation of the washer

If you observe that your washer is not agitating, then it might be due to the reason that the agitator parts of the washer have stopped working. How to check if this has happened? You can simply fix the washer’s agitators’ parts. There are different parts to check like the latch switches or any kind of electronic controls. You need to manually check if they are working or not, a simple check would do so that you can tell your washer repair technician to handle the repair. 

Timer Problem

Many times, you would notice that the clothes are washed but the timer still shows 20 Minutes or 30 minutes. This is when you have a problem with the timer. You can start troubleshooting where you can do several things such as a switch or the water level. You can also check the different parts that are related to the timer and the washing of the load. 

Washer is not spinning

If the washer is not spinning, then there might be a problem with washer motor coupling. You can also check the door lock or the wax motor. Simply test by spinning the washer once, if it is not working, then the washer has a problem. If the washer is simply shaking while spinning, then the washer is not at a proper ground level. 

Learn how to troubleshoot these simple things and understand the reason behind it. You can also check the leveling of the washer legs if it is spinning in turbulence. 

Washer is not getting field with the water

If your washer is not able to fetch the water from the pump, then the inlet water hose might be of problem. The water inlet valve can be a problem and if you know how to test it, then you can find out the problem. The water level pressure switch could also cause the problem. 

Even if it fetches sometimes, when you press for the hot or cold water, it fetches cold water only. This can be due to the temperature control sensor in the washer that is not functioning. 

Burning Smell From the Washer

This might probably be due to the switch of the washer. You can also check the drive belts or the motor pulleys of the washer to understand which part of the belt has burned or damaged.


These are some common symptoms as to why the washer is not working properly. If you can learn how to fix simple problems and at the same maintain your washer, you will not have any problem with it. If you are not feeling comfortable to resolve the issue, you should call a washer repair person.


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