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Stock Market

The stock market is thrilling!!! Otherwise, the films do not represent the stuff academically. The stories about criminals and theatricality are most impressive. Wolf Wall Street was a good film, but it is entertainment, not textbooks and other finance films.

The best finance movies is fun, but you will only “learn” by being mindful of dishonest people and not investing what you cannot afford to lose (i.e., the market is risky).

Try “Trading Places” for entertainment value (I believe that frozen orange juice can no longer be traded). You can also invest on flipkart lucky draw.

As we all understand, stock markets are going through a cyclical pattern where they are going up and down and this cycle is going on.

Looking at the different phases of the stock market, correlate your feelings: When the market starts developing, we become optimistic about it and feel good about our investment.

Reaction: “I trust in myself. I made a great choice to invest in the stock market.”

 We are excited when the market keeps growing.

Reaction: “All is well! I get good yields. Let me put a little more cash in it. This is the biggest investment of my life.” The industry is growing even more when more people invest in the stock. 

We are getting excited. We are asking everyone to invest in the stock market.

 Reaction: “OMG! I am super-rich. I am very clever and smart. Let me borrow some money and stock up. I should also ask my neighbors, friends, distant relatives to invest in the stock market.”

This is when every Tom Dick and Harry begins to investing in the stock market and the stock market shoots. Everything looks right everyone gets good returns. Money flows everywhere. From here on, we believe that nothing can go wrong. New heights will reach the market. Your driver suggests even stocks.

This is the highest financial risk point

When institutional investors start withdrawing milk money and withdraw their investment. The price has started falling. Some investors are nervous and have started selling. This leads to negative feelings and becomes concerned for people.

Here are some movies related to finance and the stock market that can help you in making investment decisions. 

Arbitrage (2012)

A troubled hedge fund magnate who wants to complete the sale of his business empire is making a mistake that forces him to turn to an impossible man.

Barbarians at the Gate (1993 TV Movie)

The president of a significant tobacco firm decided to buy the company, but there was a war of tendering as other companies offered themselves.

The Corporation (2003)

The best finance movies are documentaries that look at the prominence of the company’s idea of history. 

Floored (2009)

Putting everything at risk is nothing for some individuals.

Pi (1998)

A paranoid mathematician looks for a prime number to unlock the universal pattern discovered in nature.

The Bank (2001)

Banking, bribery and alchemy are a thriller for the bank.

Wall Street Warriors (2006)

The best finance HD documentaries film analyzing the extreme power and intense competition defining Wall Street, seen through the eyes of those who flourish there.

This awareness will help you to set the right strategy by avoiding losses and making more money. It will help hold nerves under challenging times and will not be over-stimulated in time.


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