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engagement ring

The engagement is a highly significant occasion of a couple’s life, where two people pledge for staying together forever. The symbol for this beautiful moment is an engagement ring!

However, finding a ring is never an easy task. If one doesn’t purchase jewelry often, they may not be very knowledgeable about buying the right piece, and there are several options on the market! How does one decide what type of engagement ring to pick up?

The perfect tips for you:

Deciding on the engagement ring metal

Engagement rings for women come in a variety of metal – gold, platinum, white gold, rose gold, tungsten, platinum, and more. Depending on the taste of your partner, you will need to hand-pick a suitable band. Every metal is alluring, but it all comes down to preference.

 Choose an appropriate style

Not every engagement ring is set in the same manner. You could select a solitaire setting, bezel setting, an eternity band or others. It varies according to the partner’s preference.

Stone selection : Traditionally rings feature diamond, but now there have been many options available like sapphires, pearls or more in place of diamonds.

Choosing an Edwardian elegance : Jewelry resembling an Edwardian era design depicts delicacy and femininity. An engagement ring resembling this style looks evidently beautiful, with a glittering diamond the center, and fancy detailing along the band for an elegant, antique look. The band contains milgrain and scrollwork for a pleasant, old- fashioned touch.

Choosing a classic design with a vintage twist: We are familiar with a classic engagement ring set in a yellow gold band. The trend of classic style is upgrading with a fancy marquise cut diamond shape, along with accent stones and twist and turning patterns on the ring. The oval, marquise and pear shapes stone acquire from the brilliant-cut design from the traditional round brilliant. While the shapes are unique, they all have an elegant sageness. Different shapes and sizes of the stone adds a slimming effect to the finger. Modernizing a classic style is a great way to acquaint old fashion trends with the new one. You can give your woman an endless symbol of your love while keeping up with the present-day trends. She’ll love it the most!

Choosing a colorful and customized engagement ring : Although pure diamonds are colorless and “Diamonds are said to be a woman’s best friend”, many of the women prefer adding a little color in their engagement rings. Hence the accent stones are becoming more trending. A pop of color would turn a woman’s ring into something truly extricate. The red color rubies can be used for the ones who love red gemstones, or else amethysts can be used for the ones who love purple. Woman who loves a bit of mystery, can consider black or brown diamonds. Color is the most important factor when setting a radiant diamond. Radiant cuts amplify the natural color of diamond, making it great for fancy colors.

Choosing a modern metal for the ring : An option to suit a modern woman exists in the idea of purchasing a ring that exploits modern metal. The vintage turned modern ring trends proves to be a durable metal. Another advantage of using modern metals are that they are surprisingly affordable. To obtain a uniquely modern look, we can pair a ultra-modern setting with a vintage color. The various types of modern metal rings are rose gold and white gold metal rings. White gold metal rings are usually popular among the women, while the rose gold rings are hot trending because of its rose tint.The white gold rings budget-friendly price makes it an affordable choice amongst the women for the engagement ring. The white gold rings can be paired with different types of stone like rubies,amethysts,black or even brown diamonds. The white gold rings also pairs with pear, princess and oval shaped stones. While choosing a diamond for any of these shapes, the color is important as well. 

The halo rings: The halo rings are trending these days amongst the women. Halo rings are a beautiful addition to any diamond and they can be even a cost- effective way to make smaller diamonds look enlarged. The halo rings can be modernized by developing it into a beautiful floral engagement ring.The halo rings can be turned into heat or pear shaped rings.


An engagement is a bonding of two lives, and you will comprehensively select an engagement ring . You should focus on the type of metal your partner would want to wear, and if he/she would prefer any embroidering at all.

We hope that this guide will provide a helping hand while selecting the perfect engagement ring! Whether it is a gold ring, diamond ring or a platinum ring, what matters the most is that your partner is happy.


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