5 Factors to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom


A bathroom remodeling project is an expensive venture. According to HomeAdvisor, the average bathroom remodels cost $10,727, with most homeowners spending between $6,105 and $15,349. You could be flushing money down the drain if you keep making the wrong decisions during your bathroom remodel. Preparation is key to achieving satisfying results in any home renovation project. So, before you call in your hired contractors, take time to ponder on these 5 key factors that make all the difference in your bathroom remodel.

Overall budget

Before anything else, make sure to set a budget for your bathroom remodel. Setting up a realistic budget will help you avoid excessive costs later on. It would be ideal to plan your budget around a cost estimate provided by a professional remodeling contractor. 

Many factors can affect the overall cost of your bathroom remodel. According to the Building Pros, this includes your bathroom layout, electrical work, plumbing, flooring, and general fixing. Unless you plan to DIY your bathroom remodel, do not forget to also include professional labor costs in your overall project budget. 

Purpose of your bathroom remodel

Why are you remodeling your bathroom in the first place? This is the question you have to answer before you take another step in your remodeling project. Knowing your goal will make it easier to decide on the designs and materials to use, saving you a lot of time. Whether it is all for increasing space comfort and functionality or boosting your property value, having a clear objective is very important.

Safety features

Before style, you have to think about user comfort and safety when deciding on your new bath design. Installing safety features in your bathroom should be a priority, especially if you have small kids in the house or elderly family members. For elderly safety, American Home Shield highly suggests installing grab bars, tension poles, shower chairs, handheld showerheads, non-slip shower mats, and bathtub transfer benches in your bathrooms. 


Lighting is a vital element in any room design. For bathrooms, great lighting is important for functionality and safety purposes. Even if there‚Äôs an adequate amount of daylight that enters your bathroom, you will still need to install bath bars and vanity lights for task lighting during the night. Proper lighting can also help avoid slipping accidents, which are common in moisture areas like bathrooms. 

Plumbing adjustments

Your plumbing should be one of your top priorities during your bathroom remodel. By upgrading your plumbing, you can increase your bathroom safety and comfort and help save water and energy in your home. 

Make it a part of your bathroom remodeling project to replace old and faulty plumbing components. To help you find the right plumbing fixtures for your bathroom, do not hesitate to ask for the professional help from a licensed and skilled plumber. Not all bathroom remodelers specialize in plumbing work; thus, you must consult a plumbing professional if you want to transfer the toilet or conceal exposed pipework. Find a trustworthy plumbing company you can partner with today!

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